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[Exploit] All saves are gone after rebooting my pc


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All saves are gone after rebooting my pc

Steps to reproduce

1. install DS on Chrome
2. make savegame 1 adventure with Willow(beard) for 11 days
3. make savegame 2 sandbox with little blond girl(3rd character)
4. (updated chipsetdrivers and soundcard drivers)
5. reboot system

Describe your issue

I have been playing for a couple of days and made 2 saves:

save 1: 1-11 Willow (adventure)
save 2: day 32 with the little blond girl. (character 3)

I lost actually everything as i have to start over with willow (the beard man).

I think this might be important. I love the game thought, too bad i have to start all over again, it was going pretty good.

I dont restart my computer often once a month probably, so i didnt noticed..

is there a way to locate the save files of DS and track them so i can figure out what the problem is?


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I've found out the cache is indeed cleared exactly from the moment i rebooted...I know there is a function in chrome that enables this behavior, it is turned off though.In eventvwr i've found a message chrome could not exit properly... So it seems like chrome resets his cache if it hangs(?).. i have not tried rebooting yet, but its kinda clear it is the cache issue. Chrome does not access the file system for security issues. So this data is stored in a temporary folder.. I had the impression this was somehow linked to my google account. That would be a nice place for savegames, i have no idea if thats even possible so for now i'll just have to be very careful with my browsers cache :)i might even consider writing a script to fetch the savegames.. but then again why not use steam, i guess i'm just lazy playing games in my internet browser lol

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Sounds like a browser issue more than an actual issue with the game.. I honestly couldn't say as I do not use chrome..I'm failing to see exactly how this is an exploit though..I highly advise Steam.. then you can make backups of your saves if you so wish..

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