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[Gameplay] Butterfly catching bug


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Butterfly catching bug

Steps to reproduce

Play with any character in any game mode
Craft a bug net
try to catch a butterfly

Describe your issue

I don't know if anyone noticed it already, but when you catch a butterfly by clicking at it, the bugnet durability will decrease in 10% but when you catch it by running near it and clicking space, the durability wont change at all, doesn't seens to work with bees, but i could catch 19 butterflies with a bug net that was still 100%

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I can confirm this, only that bees also didn't seem to affect the bugnet. *checked ingame* (durability was 20%, didn't change at all during my hunt. In total I ended up catching 47 bees and 25 butterflies.)

Edited by Silvi
Checked ingame for presice numbers
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