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[Gameplay] Playing Willow: strange rabbit behaviour


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Playing Willow: strange rabbit behaviour

Steps to reproduce

Playing Willow in Sandboxmode
Wait until Night
Walk to Rabbitholes


Playing Willow in Sandboxmode
Equip a axe or similiar
Walk to a rabbithole
Attack the rabbit while standing between it and its hole

Describe your issue

I notice that the rabbits behaviour is strange when i play Willow (Didn't notice that with Wilson). They sleep right before they holes at night (and not in, like when i play wilson), so i can kill them easily. Additional, they always ran in direction of its holes when i come near, even if i come from this direction (which ends up that they ran into me and i also can kill them easily). A friend of mine say that they avoid him, no matter from which direction he come.


(Image is not public, so its not possible to access it without this link (not sure if i am allowed to upload images of this game?) and Sorry for that german-sounding english ~)

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  • Developer

Yes, part of how the AI works is that it is not active when the User is a far enough distance away. For the rabbits sleeping outside, you will likely not see it for rabbits around you when night falls, but if you explore at night, you'll sometimes find rabbits whose AI didn't have it go back to its hole when night fell.This will also result in you sometimes finding former Pig Friends still on their way home after leaving you days earlier, and Spiders heading back to their nests in the middle of the day.We're currently looking at how we want to address this issue without the game "thinking" for all of the creatures in the game all the time.

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