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Bought Shipwrecked but it won't play

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Mencken    311

Bought the game, got the confirmation but when I go to play it Don't Starve opens up instead.   When I check the game it says "not installed" and there is no option to install it.   Steam Support doesn't understand my issue and asked for a screenshot.

I also tried adding a game but that requires a key and per Steam a key is not required.   How do I install this?   I thought it installed automatically.


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JanH    6,405

Hi Mencken, sorry to hear that you're having trouble with Shipwrecked. First off, let's confirm that the DLC purchase was connected to your Steam account. First off, log out of Steam, restart your computer, then log back in to Steam using the same account that you used to purchase Don't Starve and Shipwrecked. From there: 

  • On your Steam library, right-click on Don't Starve > choose "Properties".
  • In the Properties window, click on the "DLC" tab; there you should see Shipwrecked have been added and installed.
  • If Shipwrecked has a check mark on "INSTALL" box, that means the DLC contents have been installed and added to the base game. 
  • If no check mark, click on the "INSTALL" box for Shipwrecked; 
  • Then click on the "LOCAL FILES" tab in Properties and verify the integrity of game cache – this will ensure that the DLC is downloaded and installed.

If not, could you please take a screenshot of the contents of your "DLC" tab in the properties window? 

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Cana    0


I just bought the DLC but I haven't been able to install it, I tried with the suggested solution above and still didn't work, here's a screenshoot:

I hope you can help.

Kind regards,

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