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Dedicated Server on Raspberry Pi 3b+

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xenon2008    0

Hello Together!

I am new to this Forum and this game.

I would like to make my own Dedicated Server, with Linux. I have found the Tutorial here...

But ist is possible to install the Dedicated Server for Linux on a Rasperry Pi 3b+?

Unfortunately, I could not find anything.

And sorry for my Bad English, i am a German User with TERRIBLE English Skills


Best Regards


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Daniel86268    271

Never heard of anyone trying it, and never tried it myself, but I'd say just try it out. Afaik Steam might not have the server precompiled for ARM architectures, so don't get your hopes upo too high.

Also keep in mind that a Raspberry doesn't have a high performance CPU, so if it runs, it still might be laggy, especially with multiple players.

If you try it, make sure to also let us know if it worked, and if so, how it ran, so others might not have to try it, and instead can rely on your results and experiences.

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