When there was a hound attack warning on day 78 of my Reign of Giants game, I started running into a prairie so that the beefalo would fight the hounds. As I ran down the path, the game just froze completely. I closed the game back to the Switch menu and reopened it. It sent me back to the last time the game saved, which was when I had resurrected at a touchstone after dying in the cave not long before the freeze. I kept playing, and when the hound warning came again, I did the same thing, ran into the prairie toward the beefalo down a path, and it froze again. So I closed and reopened the game on the Switch menu again. When I started my save file yet again, there was no audio while playing the game. The menu music and sound effects played normally before I started it, but in the game itself, it was totally silent. I checked the game settings, and the audio levels were all at the default 7. The hound attack came sooner this time, and I was able to fight the hounds without the game freezing. On the Switch menu, I heard sounds as normal. I closed the game again and restarted it, and the silence persisted, this time spreading to the menu. I saved and quit my file and closed the game again and reopened it, and finally the sound came back. Strangely, after resurrecting in the middle of my second autumn, my character keeps overheating, even though there is no fire nearby and summer has passed. As I said, I had died in the cave, and then been resurrected at a touchstone. Not sure if that caused it. I'll keep playing to check if the overheating goes away, or if it will even continue into winter. UPDATE: Regarding the overheating, I suspect that it might have had something to do with a thermal stone that I had left in a backpack near the touchstone in the event that I revived during winter/summer and needed it to get back to my camp. Once I put away the thermal stone, the overheating stopped. The stone itself was gray, but perhaps retained some kind of glitched hot status for some reason.