Showing off your outfits [2]

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Sinister_Fang    9353
6 hours ago, Paxtonnnn said:

Now give him the new straw hat skin, I’ve heard it’ll make it even funnier.

I really, really wanted to, but I don't have enough spools for a skin I'd use solely for a joke.

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CaptainChaotica    6048

Nothing really fancy, but


Floofy and pastel (and boogieing down because why not), Willow's all ready for Easter!  :-)

I'd show it in-game, but at the moment it's the dead of winter.  I'll try to arrange spring by actual Easter (tomorrow, in my time zone) but with the random seasons I promise nothin'.  : P


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Terra B Welch    6957

Nothing like an outfit to basically say "I'm just gonna play some DST for a couple hours then go to bed".


"I think I'm gonna go sleep, I'll work on getting the rest of the stuff ready for finding pearl's island and doing her sidequest tomorrow, not like I'll be solo killing crab king anytime soon anyway." *Yawn*


Nighty night, glommer buddy will make sure I sleep tight. >.<


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Terra B Welch    6957

@oohee Looks like I'm not the only one who really likes the Wendyflower head.

I'm going to show off all the outfits I have specifically for the Wendyflower head, including their skin parts on the left side of each image.
I've shown most of these outfits in the past but I feel like doing a reshow in addition to showing some (possibly) new ones.

Main Outfit(The one I use the most.)

Fiery Cheerleader(Or Forge Cheerleader)


Cheerleader(Based off Triforce Heroes cheer outfit, aka my "egg cracker")

Old winter outfit(Not used as much now as I prefer my main one but still showing.)

Glommer Costume(Normally worn with Glommy Head Guise and Glommer Pack)

Castaway(An outfit I used when playing Island Adventures mainly, might become a summer outfit.)

Sleepwear(My most recent outfit. Worn to basically say "I'm playing a little DST before I go to bed IRL.")

School Uniform(I usually don't share school uniform outfits but hell, it's one of the outfits I made.)

...and that's all of them.

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