Showing off your outfits [2]

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CaptainChaotica    5689

Ohmygod, so many of these are AMAZING.  I'm especially liking "WARly" (that "Musketeer" top is _cool_) and all the schoolgirls/boys/whatevers.  Actually, the Wigfrid "schoolgirl" outfit here is pretty close the one I did for her a long time ago and called something like "Wigfrid Goes to Hogwarts".  Only I didn't have the hairdo for it.  : P

Nothing super-creative here, just wanted to show off my HOLY CRAP! daily drop I got today:


UP, UP AND AWAY!  Wait, that mod* stopped working a long time ago...

Anyway Superhero Wigfrid, apparently.  XD


*Yes, I'm aware that it was called just "Up and Away", you Internet nitpicker, you!

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Theukon-dos    2832

Probably the only skin combonation that I've found that I can say really looks good. I also just noticed that Warly's hair is braided into a rose.



also is it just me or are distinguished skins dropping way more often then they're supposed too?

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Terra B Welch    5698
On 2/2/2019 at 9:21 AM, Terra M Welch said:

I slightly modified my "Fiery Cheerleader" outfit, I changed from the duelist's sandals to the fauvist's loafers, I felt they were more like cheerleader shoes.


This outfit has been the one I use the most. >.<

Figured I'd quote this cause I made a "tattered" or "survivor" variant of my cheerleader outfit skin.

Too much fighting, I'm all in tatters, now I'm angry! ME ANGRY, ME SMASH!

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maradyne    4981
6 hours ago, Sunset Skye said:

he just got out of bed and is ready to beat the hell out of some home intruders (it was actually just a raccoon making noises outside with the trash cans)

[feeling of loud cat outside]

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