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Readtext    1

Command module error when landing an astronaut. Landing, demolishing a command module or killing through debug causes crash.  947 Cycle :?




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babba    543
On 15/09/2018 at 12:39 AM, Cipupec2 said:

Not sure where to post this, I don't think it warnts a new thread, but WTF?


Since when we have combat?! And where is the detective job, because there is no one at the crime scene..

Ohh combat, jummmmmyyyyy - I want ! Nomnomnom... :confused:

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TheGCat    183

A Hatch has eaten Gossmann or another critter.  :D Gossmann looks so delicious.

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35cap3    5
On 06.09.2018 at 8:56 PM, blash365 said:

Doctors? *sniff*

Yes, Mr Bones, Kirk and Spock don't need your service, since they got guys in red (and other color) shirts produced at bio printer now.

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Sergei K    0

The space colony simulator is well thought out.
I have a few questions about basic communication.
1 water. Pumps do not show how quickly they pump water, this is not very convenient when planning the building. I would suggest adding a pump that pumps water along the ground from the pipe, and add a nozzle to the pipe to collect water, which will save space in the colony.
The ends of the pipes: for some reason they are automatically silenced, it is better if you make a separate plug on the pipe. then it will be possible to create communicating vessels due to the pipe and pumping out water, even if the end is already under water. It is worth adding a check valve so that the water goes in one direction, now you have all the smart pipes, and they know where the water can flow and where it is impossible.
Strange, but the pressure in the pipes is not distributed as in the air.
2 air. Add characteristic is the total air pressure, not just its composition. In the description of the gas is not enough density to determine which gas will be higher and which is lower.
As in the case of water, there is a shortage of a pump that takes air from the pipe and feeds it into the pipe, and, of course, the gas inlet valve.
All buildings do not have maximum gas pressure characteristics.
I ask you to add a chamber with the creation of a vacuum for the exit of the colonists to the surface without loss of air.
3 electricity. Characteristics of the wiring, there is no maximum load on the wires. I would like to see the load in the wires like water in the pipes.
This is all for now. Give thanks. I wish you success in your work.

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