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[Crash] World Erased After New Adventure Mode Level


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World Erased After New Adventure Mode Level

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Start your game, collect all things for the wooden machine to go down a level. Go down to the next level, save and quit. Game Gone- but still kept characters that I unlocked.

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I recently ran into an issue with Don't Starve deleting a save that I've been working on (Steam Cloud Disabled). So anyways- right after reaching level 2 for adventure mode I decided to call it a day. I went through the save and quit routine as usual. Upon booting the game this last time I was greeted with all of my slots empty. Do know that I only had the first slot filled so I have no idea if it affects the other saves or not. It is just the world that didn't save- I still have access to all of my unlocked characters.

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Update!I just booted up my Don't Starve and surprise, my old save is there!Well that's all fine and dandy, but unfortunately it seems that the old save ate my new save. So I guess what I'm slowly learning is to use multiple save slots. Or something.

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