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Game keeps crashing

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I'm playing offline, and I keep losing connection to my server. I first lost connection at the beginning of the day. At that time, the hounds had just started attacking. When I try to reload, the hounds are still there, but a new set of hounds is coming. When the second set comes, the game crashes. I have tried reloading again, and the same thing happens.


I am playing on a windows using steam.


My mods are: 

OFF Modpack

Boss Indicators

Global pause

Global Positions

Health Info

Combined status

Minimap HUD


This may be related to my previous post, as I had disconnected once before I had the wetness problem.

I believe this is due to the OFF Modpack, as I don't have that error when I do not use this modpack, and I generally use the others. However, I thought I would still report it here.

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