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[Game Update] - 281974

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MarkL    538
  • Hot Potato
  • Pass it on.¬†Pass it on
  • New UI visualization for boosting
  • Step up on crouch now works
  • Step up works better from a stand still
  • Crouching in air now correctly prevents grounding in the raised volume
  • Cleanup raycast now prevents 'pops' when grounded on a concave object (e.g. crouching through the vents)
  • The player no longer preemptively crouches in the air when their head is touching the ceiling
  • Experimental shader variant loading, should drastically improve initial load times
  • Added missing dissolve trigger in the school levels toxic patch
  • Fixed kill volumes in wind tunnels killing players through walls in school
  • No longer play collision impact UI from grounding collisions
  • More Buddy sfx and refinements
  • Fix for School and Pogo Intro cutscene audio out of sync
  • Fix Buddy getting coloured by stickers
  • Fix ghost knocking Buddy into lava
  • Fix invisible Buddy in your hand after spectate or replay.
  • Exploit fix: Buddy now appears at the last checkpoint instead of in your hands after Replay or Spectate
  • Fix Buddy lost when thrown through overworld portals
  • Fix rare news download error
  • Fix throw reticle when holding item, now only shows when throwing or placing
  • Fix items thrown too far to the right of the reticle
  • Fix over sensitive gamepad at high framerate when vsync is disabled

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