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Blood Moon - A freightful time.

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TalentedM    10

The Blood Moon

Every 30 days (or so) a frightful night will appear. A red hue would light the night sky and drive all the animals mad, and you along with them. Hounds would howl, beefalo packs would go mad with disease, ghosts would spawn in the night and roam around, pigs would turn! Madness would spread through the land and everything the red light of the moon touches. During this time spiders would do more damage and killer bees would be more deadly. Shadow monsters will be seen in full during this time as well, so mad or not you can see them.

No sleeping during this time (too might red light) and it can't be skipped with a tent.

We need more chaos in this world we live in!

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Snob    1,272

About every 30 days winter will come :p

Exactly. We already have full moons, where pigs turn into werewolves.

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DarknesS    10

I think this would be pretty cool, but there should have been some more stuff happening.(How about something like a rare plant growing, that when eaten, restores you a lot of health but sacrifices some hunger? :p )

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