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Is there comfortable playing experience on smartphone 5.65" not tablet? Anyone plays it on smartphone?

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Estel    30

Well, it is rather subjective, so from perspective of PC player that bought Shipwrecked on release*, with DS:Pocket:

It is comortable even on smaller screen sizes (galaxy S5+ here, but also tested on my son's Galaxy S4+), as long as you're using controller *and* game happen to actually support it (many, many issues due to lack of manual remap).

Without controller, it is practically unplayable (on any serious difficulty level), no matter of screen size - touch control with virtual joystick doesn't handle multitouch properly "by (bad) design", and joystick-less mode makes dangerous fights a no-go.

*Bought on release due to my high esteem for Klei on PC (Linux) releases - funny enough, still bought it after "ensuring" that mobile version support controllers, just to realise - after purchase - thatit applies only to iDevices versions. "No biggie", I thought - they will surely release update for Androids too, many companies do updates on idevices first to iron out bugs on more closed ecosystem, and Android updates follow at days to (max) weeks afterwards... So I wasn't getting playstore refund.

Well, after waiting a year+ for said update - only to realise it doesn"t support 2nd most popular controller in the world (sixaxis 3 and above) and don't allow users to fix it themselves via remapping controls (nor there are any immediate plans to fix it) - I think it was my last "impulse purchase" of ports, trusted developers or not...

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