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Cave Crash, every time


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Every single time I try to enter a cave I crash with an error. I've searched online, tried everything. No mods, even bought the DLCs to see if there was an update to fix the issue. No luck. 

Please help - I really like this game and would like to actually play it!

Screenshot (34).png

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My apologies, I missed the template the first time.

Bug Submission




  • Do you use mods?
     All mods disabled. The only two downloaded are mini map hud and geometric placement but as seen in the SS they are not in use.
    Version Number
    Rev 276758
  • 349
  • Issue title
    Entering a Cave Crashes
    Steps to reproduce
    .I can produce this every game, every time by trying to enter a cave.
    Describe your issue

    Trying to enter a cave on normal gameplay crashes to the screen posted above every time

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Sorry to hear about this. Would you be able to provide us with the affected game's log.txt file as well as the save file that is encountering this? When you run into the crash, this will update your log file, you can find your log.txt file in your documents folder at Documents\Klei\DoNotStarve\log.txt

And you can find the save file (if Steam Cloud is enabled) in \Steam\userdata\{Your Steam ID}\{219740}\remote\survival_n or cave_n

Where n = the save slot number

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I wanted to give you a clean log file so I decided to wipe and start clean. This time however I did something I did not do before and this may assist others because it actually worked.

I intentionally corrupted the Steam Userdata game files for the cloud save, forced a wipe of the cloud files and successfully entered a cave.

For anyone else having this issue this is what I did -
corrupted the files in the Steam\Userdata\SteamID\219740\Remote folder (opened each file in notepad and added random letters to the beginning of each file). Enabled Steam Cloud sync
Started Don't Starve and got the popup message about local files vs cloud files. Alt tab and deleted the files in the remote folder and the remote.vdf file. Back to the popup and chose local files. This wiped out the steam cloud save and forced everything to reload. I started a new game, no mods and found a cave entrance. It built and loaded a cave with no problems.

So even without Steam cloud sync on (I had turned it off a while back) something was corrupting the cave load from the steam cloud? I don't know how it worked but it did.

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