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Moving from vanilla DS to RoG; any tips?

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Hello! I stopped to play DS after All's Well That's Maxwell update (mostly because I was a newbie and couldn't survive winter); I've started to play it again a week ago, and discovered that it's actually  pretty easy to survive +100 days, if you know what to do. So I decided to get RoG and Shipwrecked, and got it on my Steam Library today. Are there any advice that could be useful before starting a RoG world? I'll start as Wickerbotton, since I got interested in her description. Thanks in advance!

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Szczuku    13376

When creating a new rog game make autumn your starting season. 

Have at least 1 lightning rod in your base b4 spring. Also umbrella or rain hat. Or even better- eyembrella

Get enoght gears to make Ice flingomatic. I recommand making summer base in the desert but that's if you can gather enoght stuff to make a good summer base.

Prepare for giants to arrive. Winter, Summer- at the end. Spring, Autumn- at the beggining.

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imsomony    427

In vanilla, you could pretty much focus on surviving the current season, while minimally preparing for the next. For example, in Winter you're basically spending all winter long building up your base to survive that current Winter (and possible Deerclops), and you know that Summer (RoG Autumn) is coming and you can relax then. In RoG, you've gotta shift your focus to being more proactive. It's more like "minimally survive the current season, while actively preparing for the next, and possibly the one after that". Autumn and Winter you already know about, but Spring and Summer bring new challenges.


In Spring, it rains A LOT, and there's a new "wetness" mechanic that makes you cold, lowers your sanity, and makes you lose your grip on tools.  During Winter, you'll want to make sure you locate enough resources to craft wetness protection within the first day or two of Spring starting. The best is the Eyebrella or the Rain Coat, they offer 100% wetness protection. Anything else, you'll need to combine 2 items - for example, an Umbrella plus a Straw Hat will total 100% together, but on their own, water will still get through.


Likewise, Summer is very warm and wildfires can start, so you don't want to start Summer without having stuff ready. A Flingomatic is a new machine you build out of gears, ice, and a new science craftable called an electrical doodad. Flingomatics will put out any smoldering or fires within its circular range - that includes your firepit, so take care with placement! Hopefully you had an Eyebrella from Spring, because it's great for Summer also - it helps keep you cool. If you put a thermal stone in an icebox before/during summer, it will make it as cold as possible, so you can carry it during your journeys. There's a new cooling firepit for Summer; you can't cook on it though, so you'll still need a regular warming fire pit as well.


Wickerbottom is a great choice to start RoG with. Since she can craft so many things without needing a Science Machine, it will help you get your base built up quickly during Autumn, so you can focus on preparing for Winter that much sooner. There's a new friendly mob called "Glommer" in RoG also. Make sure you get him, he's very helpful. I can tell you more about him if you want, but I didn't want to spoil further, plus this post is already long enough XD

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truepurple    7

Yes, start fall, spring starts too hard, default setting is spring or fall randomly but fall more likely. 

RoG sorta made everything else easier but then added this unreasonably hard element called Summer in to contrast ever more how easy they made everything else.

For the new mechanic of wetness you only need one word "Pretty parcel"

Pretty parcel is more than enough to deal with rain in any season except spring and even spring it usually suffices. Of course that means trouble with combat and mining since it takes up your arm slot. It also gives sanity.  And its super easy to make to the point of wondering why anyone would bother building a umbrella, 6 petals and a stick or two, no science machine required. I won't pick petals right away, wasted sanity when at max, but you might want to start picking petals here and there that are in your path anyway eventually.  Get to 6 petals or near and keep them in inventory to turn into a parcel when it starts raining. Both petals and parcel spoil like food and neither lasts that long, especially parcel. If you pick petals slowly as you go along till you got six you won't have to worry about them roting as much.

Nut trees are your friend. Nut trees drop 2 nuts in fall, zero in winter, and 1 in spring, from a full grown tree. Full grown nut trees have two branches, the stage before has only one. Spend a fair amount of time in the fall cutting down full grown trees and collecting their nuts. Make a farm of them by your base with pigs to help you if it turns into a poison oak. (wont happen during the first few days so chop away!)

Nuts are filler for your crockpot, but can only be eaten/used if cooked. Save your nuts for crockpot or planting don't eat off fireplace. Nuts plus berries equal trailmix, not much hunger but easy source of health (20health I think) if your struggling for a pond to fish stick from, trailmix also lasts alot longer.

During spring, beware the Moosegoose chicks. they can/will steal meat from your drying lines, if you see them, stop using the drying likes completely and empty them out when you can till you can kill them all(remember mom appears if you attack them). Moosegoose chicks travel around alot and fast, just because you see them in some area a fair distance from you, you still should stop using your drying lines.

Before spring you absolutely need a ice box so search search search for gears (much easier to find at least). During winter you will want to run along the edges of the unusable water, and get as many penguins to spawn as you can, then mine all their iceburgs for ice and a bit of rock (renewable rock source!) You will need a ice box to put them in since ice won't melt ever in a ice box, but it will melt way long before summer comes along without one (but it doesn't start perishing till spring) Ice can be used as filler in crockpot or as an emergency way to keep cool, crafting a big block on your head that makes you wet.

Preferably AKA practically mandatory, you will want a ice fire pit and at least one ice flinger(needs ice as ingredient)  before summer rolls around.  They make it so you really can't leave camp much all summer but if you set everything up right before hand, just wait it out. Make sure one tree is by your camp fire so you can stand under it to keep cool.

Making Chester ice is especially useful in RoG, know you can put your thermal stone in ice chester to cool it down too which will make you much more mobile during the summer. (temporary ice fires have unreasonable ingredient requirements)

New area desert can be a excellent place to build a camp, especially a summer camp. Tumble weeds drop all sorts of good stuff, including making some stuff renewable that isn't otherwise, wiki says mobs drop from them sometimes, but if so, it's super rare.  But better yet, cactus grows there, just make sure you put on a log suit before you pick to reduce the damage to 2. Cactus can only be used after cooking like nuts. Usable as a vegetable for crockpot but if eaten just cooked by itself gives 20 sanity or something. With some cactus around, you never have to worry about sanity levels dropping too low ever again. Desert ground can grow anything the rest of the areas will, you just need to transplant.

During summer, cactus's also give a bonus resource when picked of cactus flower(as well as the new normal cactus gotten). Usable to craft a really cool shirt but also edible and is a specific ingredient for a good crockpot item too.

For some reason "Moosegoose" with a space between them gets turned into "Goose Goose" every time on this forum. Weirdest, censorship, ever.

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