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Moleworms getting astray out of bounds.


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Hello, Klei, I'd like to adress the following:

I was trying to get some Moleworms close to my base so I could get some Moggles and minerals. I picked them and made an enclosed area (with rock walls) in which I dropped them all, (not very close to the sea/water, below on the screen in the picture); they made they new burrows and all, but after I went to check them up, they were all roaming out of bounds... And I don't think they're ever going to come back as the shore prevents them to return. I guess saving rocks for walls is out of the question trying to use the shore as blockade. But walling the whole area should prevent them to go away out of bounds in the meantime, right?

The only mods I'm using are Status Plus (stats related), Smart crockpot, Geometrical Placement and that's it.

Thank you.

EDIT: So I realized they kind of weren't supposed to be romaing around in plain daylight and as soon as the dusk came, the burrows released another Moleworm, so, somehow they are being duplicated (I lured the out of bounds boys with a rock and whacked them and could picke them up, effectively making this some sort of exploit).


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