Hey everyone, I'm back with a followup to the Meteor Magmaficator, my first Regolith melter. The first one had some unsolved problems such as how to deal with the hot rock that comes out and a small chance of melting the input before it got to the magma chamber. I think I've solved those problems with this new version now. Yes it works in the Expressive upgrade! The Meteor Magmaficator Mk 2's goal is to melt regolith efficiently with whatever heat source you wish to use and output the igneous rock as cool as possible. It can melt up to 2 kg/s of regolith on default settings but could handle up to 4 kg/s with some valve changes. Because melting regolith creates a lot of additional heat energy, it also drives up to two steam turbines. Your heat source can be the metal refinery, the glass forge or even the kiln, which is fully automated by conveyors. You can also pipe through natural magma. (used for preheating but can also serve as your main heat source) Here's what it looks like, you can also download the save if you'd like to have a poke around and see how it works in detail. As usual, overlays in the spoiler: So how does it work? Regolith enters the heat exchanger from the bottom left and snakes its way up through the iron plates where it gets preheated. Then it enters a receptacle, waiting to be put into the storage compactors to be melted. The storage compactors are limited to 20 kg each so that the melting happens quickly when there is enough heat. In the melting chamber, below the magma is a diamond hot plate. Hot liquids go through here and heat up the hot plate enough to melt the regolith into magma. There are two pipes going through the hot plate, one for molten glass from the glass forge (and for natural magma) which goes on to the heat exchanger to eventually be dumped. The other pipe is for molten copper "coolant" from the metal refinery which gives off heat here and then goes back to the refinery. When the regolith melts into magma, it is pumped by a liquid pump into the heat exchanger where it preheats the regolith. The valves limit the flow of magma to 500 g/s, which prevents the magma from solidifying inside the pipes even below its normal freezing point. (they could handle up to 1000 g/s without breaking the pipes) After the heat exchanger, the magma pipes turn right and go through a heat buffer that drives the turbines. The left turbine will always run if it can, the right turbine will run if the buffer heats up to to 250 C and if the buffer is in danger of overheating, an emergency heat dump activates. The emergency heat dump forces the heat buffer doors closed, dumping all heat into the steam chambers. At the same time, the doors under the steam turbines will open, making the turbines consume steam at 5 times the normal rate. This is enough to keep the temperature under 300 C even during heavy use. The magma that comes out of the vents will always be under 300 C thanks to the turbines and instantly solidify. Survival build notes: Known flaws: For some reason the pump deletes heat from the magma tile below it when it is pumping. If the magma pump backs up during heavy use and the magma tile below it gets too much magma in it, this can cause the magma to solidify. If that happens, add igneous rock to the normal compactor's filter and disable regolith storage until it has re-melted all of the igneous rock. You can set the 4 valves above the heat exchanger to 1000 g/s to make this much less likely to happen. If you order too many recipes in the kiln or set it to continuous, the kiln will end up with too many resources stored that will never get used. I've also seen those resources turn into tiles and displace the molten copper but I'm not sure what causes that, it may be related to completing recipes instantly with instant build mode. Ordering just one recipe at a time should be safe. Meteor Magmaficator Mk2.sav