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[Crash] Plethora of fixes


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Plethora of fixes

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Standing in the dark as Willow.

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Chopping down a withered tree no longer shows the bramble, but, it is there and can be harvested with the shovel for a log.

Game allows continuation at world 5-1 but if you fail a second time, all game data is erased.

Pigs still call girls "MAN". Consider a new dimension to the array...gender.

Grammar needs fixing:

I wish it WERE still burning.

It appears to be some FORM of lagomorph... (ipsis) with horns.

The Mime DOES speak errantly. When a bag is full and on the ground, "It's full." Also, when rapidly swapping between hatchet and shovel while chopping a tree to uproot the stump, "I can't do that."

Spiders can still HIT the player when the player is not in front of them. A strike to the right while the player is to the left, will still result in a hit.

Why is Willow now afraid of the dark? She has power over shadow. Mundane activities should drive her mad, and setting fire to stuff should restore HER sanity. She's a special girl!

The Potato Head should laugh throughout the animation with a crescendo for effect.

Binaural beats in a white noise pollen should accompany the insanity. Better, darker droning sounds...I could make for you...FREE...would add to the descent into nightmare.

Random screams in graveyards.

More headstone humor? Draw on the great headstone humor of the past games. Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, etc...

Willow should lose sanity faster while doing the mundane activities that bore her to Hell. She should regain sanity by burning things and dancing in the flames and ashes.

I want to reprogram Abigail. She will appear EVERY night, take 20 health of blood from Wendy to do so, which can be restore magically with Beefalo Blood potion. Abigail will only harm non-friendly targets, immune to all traps, immune to creep, has more health and does less damage.

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