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[Crash] Error: data\scripts\components\lootdropper.lua:102


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Error: data\scripts\components\lootdropper.lua:102

Steps to reproduce

While placing a seed into a turbo farm plot

Describe your issue

Recieved the following in a pop-up, game continued to play after closing the window but later crashed (crash may be unrelated):

Error: : data\scripts\components\lootdropper.lua:102: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value
LUA ERROR stack traceback:
data\scripts\components\lootdropper.lua(102,1) in function 'SpawnLootPrefab'
data\scripts\components\lootdropper.lua(136,1) in function 'DropLoot'
data\scripts\stategraphs\SGbird.lua(90,1) in function 'onenter'
data\scripts\stategraph.lua(371,1) in function 'GoToState'
data\scripts\stategraphs\SGbird.lua(24,1) in function 'fn'
data\scripts\stategraph.lua(334,1) in function 'HandleEvents'
data\scripts\stategraph.lua(129,1) in function 'Update'

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