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How long will the gorge shop remain open for?

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Dekay    105
17 hours ago, SavageLemon said:

How about buying it from the steam store? That will end?

You can still buy the Verdant DLC for Don't Starve Together on Steam so I'd imagine the same would apply to the DLC from The Gorge Event. 

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fimmatek    4301

My impression is that the DLCs on steam stay forever very long.

I'm almost sure however that the skins of an event remain weaveable (and purchaseable in-game) until the next event, this was the case with all the previous events, except for the Forge which was the very first one, so I assume that the devs didn't have such a clear idea on how to handle this sitation back then.

But honestly, if the devs could confirm this that would be great. As far as I know there is no 100% sure information on how long the skins stay. (If I remember correctly, PeterA said at the Winter's Feast event that the skins remain weavable till the next event and that we can except the same for all the upcoming events, however I couldn't find this post anymore.)

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