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Thank you Klei

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whismerhill    36

Thank you for a wonderful event,

had a bunch of fun times with The Gorge, and met some new friends from all over the world

we made our own attempt at the tournament, unfortunately that isn't enough to make it into the top, but hey that's what happens in any tournament, some people win, some lose.


Sidenote : for some reason our best score was made with a bread start :shock:

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Majestix    530

This was such a well executed event! Thanks from me too! The initial mystery around the recipes and the first set of challenges were very nice to explore, but then after the recipes were published, it was also great fun to theo-craft and hone one's strategies. The second set of challenges was great, just as routine began to set in, and the tournament was the icing on the cake!

Don't listen to the whiners that think that if there is a tournament and they cannot get a top prize, then it's a bad event. They just were pampered too much when they were little. The tournament provided a very good challenge even to people like me, who were not really in contention for top 100, thanks to a very well thought out scoring system, which rewarded strategy and team coordination, rather than just stamina.

The skins provide just the right kind of motivation: not giving one an in-game advantage, but nice to have, and offering opportunities for prettier base design. And I, too, ended up with a much expanded friends list, which will come in handy in ordinary DST.

Many thanks for adding such fabulous new content to an already well-developed game! Looking forward to more events in the future!

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