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Don't Starve RoG PS4 Bugs


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I've been experiencing a few bugs on the PS4 console version.

If you start placing something, like a fire, you don't get the resources used back if you cancel. Luckily you get to place it for free if you try again.

I have seen a few ocean boarder glitches. I once was trapped on the ocean after opening a rolling grass ball and the items that came out of it pushed me out. I was playing the Automaton. I believe I once saw a tree or something on the ocean. It was in between land so I assume the close proximity to land have something to do with it.

And perhaps the worst bug I've encountered so far is that the Wooden Thing (I think it was called) doesn't work once you gather all 4 pieces for it. If you inspect it Wilson says something's still missing. Luckily it works again and can be used to travel if you save and exit and load the game again.

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