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mod mushrooms

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gckwolf    0

I would like to make a mod of a fungus variant that is practically a 4th type of mushroom with all the functions that the other 3 have, of course modifying a little the statistics like the one that you can not recover life or remove the hunger only removes sanity if you get to eat raw and equal to cooking it alone that is less than the amount that would remove sanity. I would also like to make it possible for the one that can be sown as well as the other three mushrooms.

In case I would like to know if there is any way to get the source code of all these properties somewhere in the game. My purpose is to add an extra quality to this type of fungus that helps the player if he comes to plant or consume.

I do not know if you could help me know how I can get these files to make a small adjustment and then create the mod I need

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