New Character Idea: The Wild Man

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Scapewolf    1
Posted (edited)

My idea for a character for both Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together.

I don't have a good head for balancing numbers, so I haven't got the values for his stats just yet.


  • Scared of fire and science - he loses sanity when too close to fire pits and science-y things (i.e. science machine and alchemy machine). That said, he also still loses sanity in darkness like an average character. This can make balancing his sanity difficult, but his character specific item (hound's pelt) makes that easier given the player has enough food.
  • Can eat raw meat - he can eat raw meat without penalty; perhaps gaining slightly more benefits from it than the average character would.
  • Limited vocabulary - he mostly speaks in single words and broken sentences. Like with Wilbur and Wes, this limits the amount of information and warning he can give the player.
  • Rabid - strength is higher if his hunger is below half.
  • Hibernate - Can use a hound's pelt to sleep anytime/anywhere if his hunger is above half, at the cost of the pelt's durability.
  • Starting item : Hound's Pelt -  A pelt made from hound fur.
    Causes hounds to be docile until provoked, but causes pigmen to be hostile.
    Provides warmth.
    Can be worn by other characters in DST, but drains sanity.
    Loses durability over time while worn as well as a set percentage upon activation of hibernate.
    Has both frost hound and flame hound variants that keep him cooler and warmer respectively.
  • Hound's fur - When Wilde is present in a world, be it DS or DST, hounds (and frost hounds / flame hounds) will have a chance to drop an additional item: hound's fur (or white hound's fur / red hound's fur) that is used to craft additional hound's pelts.

And that's all I have! I think he could fit into the Don't Starve world if given a chance.
Please let me know what you think!

wilde sheet.png

The art and concept for Wilde is by me. - Scapewolf

Edited by Scapewolf
Added idea and art credit (to myself)
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Rosten    680

Probably unlikely that this gets added into the main game, but if you pop on over to the modding subforum, there are plenty of guides to help you get started on making this character idea a reality, if you like.

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