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[SW] Many bugs !!!

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1. Mandrake vanished when brought into the volcano

2. 70days or more, then when you enter the volcano, the game always crashed with no response, restart the game , the time alwasys fall back, somtimes fallback more then 10 days, sometimes hundreds of days, this bug is awful

3. Every time the hurricane season, when you try to cross the The boundary of the map, the game crashed frequently (no response)

4. Build or manage any New petroleum science and technology, for example when you transplanting corals, then sometimes you enter that area, the game just no response without any foresight

BUG 2 and 4 serious effects the gameplay, all the bugs test by no MODS.

I'm a game host in china mainly live don't starve SW, I represent thousands of fans to report bugs 2 and 4 that makes it impossible to play games normally especially when you play hundreds of days in game.

I'm very grateful that you can fix these BUGS (BUG 2 AND 4)

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