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[Exploit] Infinite Uses - Bug Net


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Infinite Uses - Bug Net

Steps to reproduce

1. Bug net
2. Space bar near bug
3. Repeat 2 ad infinitum

Describe your issue

I have a bug net at 10% "Use health." I have used this net to capture 10 or so bees and 10-15 butterflies.

I do not believe this requires a net at a specific Use health, as I only discovered the bug when I saw I had 6 butterflies and 5 uses left.

The secret appears to be to press the space bar to use the bug net near a bug.

When fixing this bug, please also fix the bug that used 10% of the bug net health per use :kiwi: (Not a bug, I know)

All the best!

Edit: I did search the forum for "bug net," this bug has been reported. Apologies!!
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