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[RESOLVED] Can't access mod screen anymore

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Hi !

I have DS with RoG et Shipwreck. I play on a mac with os X.12.6, an i3 pross at 3,5ghz, 16gb of ram and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760.

I was playing just fine yesterday and a little at lunch time. When I tried to reload the game, wanted to check on my mods, the mod screen appeared then game crashed with this message

scripts/screens/modsscreen.lua:190: attempt to index field 'modnames' (a nil value)
LUA ERROR stack traceback:
    scripts/screens/modsscreen.lua:190 in (method) OnStatsQueried (Lua) <175-210>
    scripts/screens/modsscreen.lua:404 in () ? (Lua) <404-404>

On the next launch, I clicked disable mods, then reinstalled those, but same crash. Strangely, I don't have anymore the warning at the launching of the game about using mods. I uninstalled all the mods but still same crash. So I tried to throw the data folder and made a verification with steam that reinstalled all the files, with no luck.

Basically, I tried to launch the game with every folders that I could find moved away, but same problem occurs (in documents/klei in the app don't starve after showing content, and in the user/library/application support/steam/.../.../remote.

I can launch a game or a previous save but as all my mods are deactivated and I can't activate them it means there's still a bug.

I read somewhere that preset for worlds could bring this message so as I made a new preset just before the bug, I replaced them all but with no luck.

Mods, in case it's useful (but as without them it still crash, I don't think it's the problem) : sort inventory, minimap hud, geometric placement, combined status, craft pot.

Here's a screen of the crash (and before it was allowing me to diable mod on the very same screen, not anymore)



I spent 3 hours looking for this, so please, help me Klei forum people, you're my only hope (sorry I don't have a droid at hand to transmit my request)

Thanks !



Forget to say that I unsubscribed every mod in steam, try to launch, same problem occurred !

And in this topic 

 it was suggested to disable internet connection, which worked !

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