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[Guide] Maximizing Time to get +60 minute runs

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Xide    3

My thoughs on the solution to get high score and have tons amount of time will be determined on how fast you can increase your coin capital. As a team your goal is to have a positive networth in Old Coins and Red Marks.

To what characters you use, its personal preference. I prefer Wendy + Winona + Webber because by the time you hit an excess of gold the chopper will be switching duties to become a sap farmer / syrup maker and salt runner.

This is a rough outline of what you guys should be doing, much better to communicate via discord while playing.

Round 1 Snack

Start with a Grill Kit and prepare Meat Skewers ( 1 Twig , 2 Small Meat )
Wendy will grab 6 coin for Grill and gather twigs

Webber to catch 2 rabbits and give to Wendy.

Winona will be rushing a bucket of poop, and grabbing 4 potatos

Round 2 Meat Sliders or Roasted Veggies

Wendy will buy 2 Wheat Bags, grab 2 fern and catch 2 rabbits

Webber will go buy a salt rack and place it at the far 2 ponds get 3 berries and make 2 flour

Winona will be getting logs (and a mushroom if its Veggie)

Round 3 Meat Sliders or Fish Skewers

Buy another salt rack, catch 2 fish, and prepare meat sliders

Webber / Winona will be grinding and running salt, give 3 salt to the cook and the other 3 for a key also buying 2 hoes to till

Round 4 Dessert

Buy a Cookpot

Use the 3 berries to make Fistful of Jam and serve for the sapphire coin.

Round 5 Snack / Soup / Veggie

Use either potato soup / rock soup / meat sliders, depending on the RNG of the dishes, you might still have spare meat slider ingredients

Round 6 onwards to Late Game

Webber will need to have a crops of Wheat / Tomato / Garlic / Potato , always in rotation, don't worry about rotting since that will be fertilizer. Whenever possible always be cooking Tomato Soup and bowl it for red marks and syrup. Webber will be the Cookpot/Syrup Chef spamming Mashed Potato / Tomato Soup, Onion Soup, Caramel Cubes etc

Winona will need to buy sap kits with the excess gold, atleast have 12 trees tapped, always stock the safe with pigeons and 2 fish and run salt to the cook and assist in tilling and planting seeds

Wendy will be spamming the grill main dishes, your going to need to focus on end game recipes with renewable resources and multi-craving dishes like Bruschetta, Sliders, Waffles, Bagel n Fish (if spamming Onion also) , Grilled Cheese, Burger, Fish Burger.

It will be up to your team on how to use the limited resources available like big meat.


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