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Console Commands in the Gorge

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WesleyT245    152

So while messing around in the Gorge, I found out something that was very different from the regular game. The entire map is always loaded client-side in the Gorge, while in the base game, only things one or two screens away from you are loaded client side. The reason for this is rather obvious: It's so your salt racks, your crops, and your sap taps don't get unloaded and their progress halted.

So how can we abuse this mechanic? At first it seems like this doesn't affect us, the players, at all, since we're not admins. But even as clients we still have access to the command prompt. Now some of you may already know, that this is a client side command prompt, meaning any commands executed from it will only have client side effects. For example, c_spawn("cane") will spawn a cane that only you can see but can't interact with. 

The commands that interests us the most right now are c_spawn and c_gonext. Normally, in the regular game, using c_gonext as a client will have the following effect. You will teleport to a LOADED Target, and get teleported immediately back as soon as you move. Of course, all this is visual, so if you're getting attacked, using the command won't help you at all. In the regular game, this is useful to find certain objects near you, as even though you actually don't get teleported anywhere, you will know where to go now.

But in the Gorge, since the entire map is loaded at the same time, you can use c_gonext to teleport to anything anywhere on the map, and stay there until you move. How is this useful? With this command, you can remotely check your salt racks and sap taps anytime you want, with for example c_gonext("quagmire_saltrack"). This saves the time that would be wasted if you were to run to one of them, only to find that it wasn't ready yet.

For the really command-savvy players, you can also use c_spawn in conjunction with c_gonext. Even though c_spawn only spawns visuals, they are still treated as actual objects to your client. With this, you can c_spawn an object and then be able to c_gonext to it whenever you'd like. Just be careful what you spawn isn't already on the map, such as rocks.

Well that concludes what I know about commands in the Gorge. What do you guys think about these commands? Do you guys have any other commands you like to use? Any feedback is appreciated.

TL;DR: You can use c_gonext to check salt and sap taps without actually going there to see.



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