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Mumsy's Recipe Book - Printable Gorge Recipe Book (all 70 recipes + index)

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SkyCommision    185

Hey there my dudes,

I'm proud to say that Mumsy's Recipe Book, a project for the community by me and Gwacha, is now complete! We've done our best to make it as compact as possible, and useful in the heat of the moment. You can use it online, or, if you're tired of switching tabs all the time, we specifically made this so that you can print it yourself! If you notice any mistakes, have any questions, or want to suggest anything, you can notify me by posting here, DM'ing me or Gwacha through Discord (SkyCommision#3491 or gwacha.#6969), or putting a comment on the Google Doc.


Thanks for reading, and good luck! I hope this proves useful to you.

 Mumsy's Recipe Book - 1st Edition, For Public.docx <- Original document, probably much better-looking. Make sure you have Word 2016 installed.

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