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[Crash] Spoiled food crash, complete reset.


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Spoiled food crash, complete reset.

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All I did was eat a spoiled seed that had a tiny sliver of red left on it.

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I was just wandering around with Wolfgang and I found a spoiled seed on the ground, I was curious what the penalty for eating it was and the second he put it in his mouth the game crashed. I reloaded and all my game settings were default, my save games erased, and all my unlocked characters were relocked. :l

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Considering the time you posted about sending a hotfix out, what might have happened was. 1. It crashed and ate all my save data.2. Steam updated the game while I was waiting for it to turn off so I could turn it back on, it was like a 1m update which is like a 50ms download to me.3. I turned it on, saw everything was gone, then got the version number from that one.

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