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My skins in Don't Starve Together seem to have disappeared

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gohoq    3

Alright so I played a bit of The Gorge beta, had a bit of fun and decided to log back into live DST. When I launched the game I opened my inventory to see what's up and for some reason almost all of my items were gone. This includes Elegant skins, loading screens, portrait frames, emotes, etc. Some random items were still there though so that's confusing. I also apparently got 2 Forge chests out of nowhere that I can't even seem to open, every time I try I get an error. On top of all that, a big chunk of my Spools seems to have gone as well. I previously had around 1915 I believe. Now, I only have 1085. However, all my items were still there when I looked at my DST inventory on Steam.

Anyways, if you could help me out or explain what's going on I'd appreciate it. Maybe this is completely normal and I'm just being silly.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.