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[Exploit] Bird Trap >100% durability after update


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Bird Trap >100% durability after update

Steps to reproduce

Using the pre-insanity build create a bird trap
Use bird trap once un-baited (catch a crow)
Empty the trap and store it in Chester
Save and Quit
Update to 72874
Load game
Open Chester
Expected: Bird trap is 90%
Observed: Bird trap is at 113%

Describe your issue

I am not entirely sure what I did to cause this. Ive done a lot of things since putting the bird trap in Chester. my best guess though is that its an upgrade issue. I have a screen sho,t but my account doesn't seem to have permission to attach it.

Let me know if i can help out with a log or data file.

P.S. Kudos on your engine being able to handle >100% durability

P.P.S. When I was signing up to report this I noticed that the Captcha on your forums sign up page is not in the tab order. I am on the previous field press tab and it takes me to the field after the captcha (Firefox 18.0.1)

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  • Developer

We actually changed the durability functionality of all of the traps which is likely what caused the issue for you.ie. Old traps allowed for 10 uses, 1 use dropped durability to 90%. New traps allow for 8 uses, but your existing traps still have 9 uses, which causes their durability to show as more than 100%.For any new traps you create after the latest update, they should properly show a maximum of 100%.Thanks!

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