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[Crash] Crash after a few minutes of play (Chrome)


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Crash after a few minutes of play (Chrome)

Steps to reproduce

Start a game
Choose empty slot 1
Choose Adventure (test)
A few minutes it crashes

Describe your issue

Crash after a few minutes of play (Tried Chrome this time)

Error in Chrome:
Error: : data\scripts\components\perishable.lua:119: variable 'timeLeft' is not declared LUA ERROR stack traceback: =[C] in function 'error' data\scripts\strict.lua(23,1) data\scripts\components\perishable.lua(119,1) in function 'StartPerishing' data\scripts\prefabs\veggies.lua(146,1) in function 'fn' data\scripts\main.lua(198,1) =[C] in function 'SpawnPrefab' data\scripts\main.lua(227,1) in function 'SpawnPrefab' data\scripts\components\pickable.lua(191,1) in function 'Pick' data\scripts\actions.lua(358,1) in function 'fn' data\scripts\bufferedaction.lua(20,1) in function 'Do' data\scripts\entityscript.lua(701,1) in function 'PerformBufferedAction' data\scripts\stategraphs\SGwilson.lua(1080,1) in function 'ontimeout' data\scripts\stategraph.lua(413,1) in function 'UpdateState' data\scripts\stategraph.lua(470,1) in function 'Update' data\scripts\stategraph.lua(109,1) in function 'Update' data\scripts\update.lua(96,1)

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