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Public Test Branch (PTB)

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MarkL    537

Today we are launching the Public Test Branch for Hot Lava. This testing build of the game will contain unstable/unfinished content and features that are in need of community feedback.  

Unlockables earned in the Public Test Branch do not carry over to the main game. Currency earned in this mode cannot be used to unlock containers. You will be able to earn all these unlockables again once the level is promoted to the main branch- and unlock all their rewards.

To switch to the Public Testing Branch, right click on Hot Lava in steam and click Properties.


Select the BETAS tab,  enter the beta access code "participationaward" and click CHECK CODE.  After this the drop down above will let you select the Public Test Branch. After switching, Hot Lava will need to download the new content.



When on the Public Test Branch you cannot play online games with players on the Default branch

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