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Modding beginner needs help!

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Hey, folks!

So, I made an easy character mod like, YEARS ago now with some help on here and I still never managed to fix all the problems. Now I'm coming back to try and make a mod for my friends in Don't Starve Together. First thing I want to do is create a placeable crafter called a Sawmill which functions identically to a science machine but has a few custom recipes that increase the efficiency of wood. Simple, right? Just a station where you can convert logs into planks at 2 - 1 instead of 3 - 1, or turn logs into twigs, ect...

WELL... It's not going great. I grabbed a mod off the workshop to have a look at the code they used for some kind of abyssal crafter thing, did some editing and removed all the recipes and made a custom recipe of Log -> Twig to try it out. Renamed everything, even the atlas files, changed stuff up... that was probably my first mistake. The actual crafter itself is invisible. No images, no next, doesn't appear when you place it. Secondly, the crafting tab it opened wasn't my custom crafting tab, it was something I didn't recognize full of costume pieces! Third, my recipe tab and my log to twig recipe were nowhere to be found.


After that, I went back to the drawing board to poke around a bit more, and now it won't even load the world, the game crashes with the following in the logs;

[00:00:18]: Mod: Booster Shot Mod (Sawmill)    Registering prefabs    
[00:00:18]: Mod: Booster Shot Mod (Sawmill)      Registering prefab file: prefabs/sawmill    
[00:00:18]: Mod: Booster Shot Mod (Sawmill)        sawmill    
[00:00:18]: Mod: Booster Shot Mod (Sawmill)        sawmill_placer    
[00:00:18]: Mod: Booster Shot Mod (Sawmill)      Registering prefab file: prefabs/make_placer    
[00:00:18]: Mod: Booster Shot Mod (Sawmill)        sawmill_placer    
[00:00:18]: Mod: Booster Shot Mod (Sawmill)      Registering default mod prefab    
[00:00:18]:     LOAD BE    
[00:00:19]: AddPortMapping(10999, 10999, failed with code 718 (ConflictInMappingEntry)
[00:00:19]: AddPortMapping(10999, 10999, failed with code 718 (ConflictInMappingEntry)
[00:00:21]: Could not preload undefined prefab (Logs to Sticks)
[00:00:21]:     LOAD BE: done    
[00:00:21]: Begin Session: 24DD4BB981FDE840


ect ect...


[00:00:24]: Could not find anim build sawmill
[00:00:25]: Reconstructing topology    
[00:00:25]:     ...Sorting points    
[00:00:25]:     ...Sorting edges    
[00:00:25]:     ...Connecting nodes    
[00:00:25]:     ...Validating connections    
[00:00:25]:     ...Housekeeping    
[00:00:25]:     ...Done!    
[00:00:25]: 1 uploads added to server. From server_temp
[00:00:25]: Telling Client our new session identifier: 24DD4BB981FDE840
[00:00:25]: ModIndex: Load sequence finished successfully.    
[00:00:25]: Reset() returning
[00:00:26]: Validating portal[6] <-> <nil>[6] (inactive)    
[00:00:26]: Validating portal[7] <-> <nil>[7] (inactive)    
[00:00:26]: Validating portal[1] <-> <nil>[1] (inactive)    
[00:00:26]: Validating portal[4] <-> <nil>[4] (inactive)    
[00:00:26]: Validating portal[10] <-> <nil>[10] (inactive)    
[00:00:26]: Attempting to send resume request
[00:00:26]: Resuming user: session/24DD4BB981FDE840/A7HFL1LKTR3P/0000000004
[00:00:26]: Registering duplicate lua network variable 2613804619 in entity player_classified[112471]
[00:00:26]: Break at: ..\source\simlib\Entity.cpp(341) :



Below I have attached the entire mod folder in a zip, if anyone with any experience could give me some hints and tips as to where I've gone wrong and what I should do, please help! I have lots of future plans for this mod but can't even seem to get past stage one here.


Thanks a bunch.

-Mr Melon


Booster Shot

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