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[Crash] Fire Hound Drop most likely


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Fire Hound Drop most likely

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Hard to tell, defeated two fire hounds in a roll

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Just defeated two fire hounds in a roll and moved away from the fire.

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Error: : data\scripts\components\lootdropper.lua:102: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value LUA ERROR stack traceback: data\scripts\components\lootdropper.lua(102,1) in function 'SpawnLootPrefab' data\scripts\components\lootdropper.lua(136,1) in function 'DropLoot' data\scripts\stategraphs\SGbee.lua(56,1) in function 'onenter' data\scripts\stategraph.lua(371,1) in function 'GoToState' data\scripts\stategraphs\SGbee.lua(21,1) in function 'fn' data\scripts\stategraph.lua(334,1) in function 'HandleEvents' data\scripts\stategraph.lua(129,1) in function 'Update' data\scripts\update.lua(96,1)

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