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crops/farms - bugs bugs bugs

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I'm back with another glitch. One that I tried to ignore, but it got worse and worse...
They are all crop glitches, where it's just piling on each other. I tried to burn them to get rid of the glitched farms, but then the game just crashes and shows an error page.
See attachments with all the different bugs I see. 

The only cute thing about this is I can see a carrot on top of a nonexistent dragonfruit lolol

no, but really someone please help





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Our team is currently investigating this report. Unfortunately we have not been able to able to reproduce this reported issue on any of our systems here at the studio. Would you be able to provide us with the affected save file? 

If you have Steam Cloud enabled, you can find your Don't Starve save files in Steam\userdata\{unique ID}\{219740}\remote\

If Steam Cloud is disabled, your save files are in \My Documents\Klei\DoNotStarve\save\

The numbers on the save files will correspond with the save slot being used for it. for example, save slot 1 will be named "survival_1".

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