The easiest way is to edit two files: One for downloading and updating the mods, the second one to actually activate and possibly configure the mods. [Server root]/mods/Dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua Add the mods like this, where the number is the id of the workshop link (This is an example for global positions."--" indicates that everything after is a comment, so you can write there what you want, in case you are wondering.) ServerModSetup("378160973") -- Global Positions [Server Save location]/[Cluster folder]/[Shard folder]/modoverrides.lua Should look like this, where "enabled = true" causes the mod to load into the shard. return { ["workshop-378160973"] = { enabled = true} --Global positions } Keep in mind that when adding multiple mods, you'll have to add commas between the mod loadings. Example return { ["workshop-378160971"] = { enabled = true}, --Mod 1 ["workshop-378160972"] = { enabled = true}, --Mod 2 ["workshop-378160973"] = { enabled = true}, --Global positions ["workshop-378160974"] = { enabled = true} --Mod 4 } Additionally you can configure some mods using this file according to the configuration options you'd have on the client as graphical options. It should look like this: return { ["workshop-378160971"] = { enabled = true}, --Mod 1 ["workshop-378160972"] = { enabled = true, configuration_options={ crafting="normal", duration=3500}}, --Mod 2 ["workshop-378160973"] = { enabled = true}, --Global positions ["workshop-378160974"] = { enabled = true} --Mod 4 } Hope I didn't forget anything.