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[Gameplay] Controls go crazy


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Controls go crazy

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I had just re-entered a game after a break. Wilson was by the fire at night. I wanted to feed the fire.

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When I clicked on the logs in my inventory, the logs got "picked up" but the froze in the middle of the screen while the mouse cursor continued to move. Somehow I managed to add one fuel to the fire. When I wanted to put the rest back to inventory it got dropped instead next to the fire, making the fire overflow and nearly kill Wilson. I backed up and wanted to eat a carrot. The carrot floated around like the logs and when i tried clicking it again Wilson walked off into the darkness. I could not right-click to eat the carrots or petals, they got piked up instead.

TLDR; loggs and carrots float around while cursor continues to move. Wilson starts walking when I'm trying to click on the floating carrot.

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