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Game saves not loading

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Currently playing Don't starve giant edition + shipwrecked expansion on Xbox one s. Was working fine until about a month ago. Now every time I try to load any save file the screen displays the "loading" sequence for about 10-15 seconds then closes the game and sends back to my home.  I don't know what version it is, but I'm always online so it has to be the most current. Will someone please just acknowledge that this is on the developers end. I did a factory reset on my console just to eliminate the possibility it was my equipment, but alas the issue persists. I do not want to play DST, even though I do own it, because I appreciate the ability to pause a game that I'm playing at will without having to completely log off just on the off chance that I don't know, have to take a leak, or wanna grab a soda, or any thousands of other possible contingencies that could arise from being a living human being. I just want giant edition back dammit. it's all I play. 

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