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[Switch] Game is way too dark in handheld

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LuisRM42    4

I had waited before creating a post about this 'cause I had seen this issue adressed many times in several different threads, but we were waiting for a (much needed) patch.

I had hoped this would be fixed, but no.

Seriously, dusk is way too dark. You're basically useless unless you have a nice source of light, whereas it's much easier to see everything on pc.

I bought this game even though I already own both DST and DS on PC, but I really loved the idea of it being portable. Sadly, you can't really do much outside your base once dusk begins because you can't really see anything.

To me, this is as gamebreaking as the bugs that were already fixed, and I'm starting to feel like this is just going to stay like this.

I really hope this can be fixed somehow, because as it is, I really regret buying this more expensive version of a game I already have. It's good on a TV, but why play on the TV when I could play on the PC with mouse&keyboard?

I really hope this gets fixed, as I don't think I'd buy another game from this developer if such a big issue can be left alone.

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