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[Exploit] Food refreshing exploit.


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Food refreshing exploit.

Steps to reproduce

Acquire max stack of food
Let food slowly deteriorate
Get new food of the same kind
Repeatedly click on the stack with the newer food
Enjoy a refreshed stack of food.

Describe your issue

So.. I noticed this as I was playing with Wendy and I got caught too far from my main camp as I was exploring at night, Abigail popped up and slaughtered an entire herd of Beefalo and thus I rejoiced at the now mountain of meat I had.

I had it in the Ice box and right before it went stale I used a newer meat donated by a pig man for the purpose of this experiment and proceeded to refresh every single one by repeatedly clicking on the older meats with the new one. When I finished every meat was almost brand new, I checked each one individually by throwing them into crock pots and all of them were new.

Then Abigail killed me while i was writing this because i forgot to pause.

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