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(Shipwrecked) Simple Character Mod, Can't Select in Selection Screen!

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Sorry if this has a really easy fix, but I had made a character mod for Don't Starve Together, Dolly The Doughnut Lady, and have decided to import that into the regular Don't Starve. More specifically, Shipwrecked. I took the exact same character folder that I had used for DST and copied it into my mods folder of Don't Starve. It shows up in the in-game mods tab, but it dose not show up in the character selection screen. I know the two games use very different codes and files, and theres a couple things I no doubt will have to change, but I currently have no idea why I can't even select the character. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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K1NGT1GER609    105

Well theres more than a handful of things that need to be changed but for starters you need this in the modinfo:

api_version = 6

dont_starve_compatible = true

reign_of_giants_compatible = true
shipwrecked_compatible = true

Without the code the character won't show during ingame, the next thing is that don't starve doesn't use common_postinit, master_postinit, onload, onnewspawn and well some other things in the character lua. For the modmain you'll need to remove anything that isn't in ds like selfinspect, playerghost, skins(the character_none), it requires this code at the end: table.insert(GLOBAL.CHARACTER_GENDERS.FEMALE, "dolly"), and someother things that I probably forgot. Otherwise if you need more help I'll be around (got finals to do atm).

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