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Hot Lava Beta Phase 2 - Tomorrow!

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JoeW    36054


Phase 2 is almost upon us!

Since the last testing period, the team has been hard at work on making adjustments to the game in response to the feedback we received. The main concern we wanted to address based on tester feedback was that we wanted to give players a chance to rest a bit between levels while giving players better tools to socialize or practice routes and strategies in a more relaxed environment. 

Of course, we also added a bunch of quality of life improvements and bug fixes as well.  A lot of them. Those patch notes will come tomorrow. Once again, a special thanks to everybody who submitted bug reports and feedback in the last phase. 

Don't worry. More levels are coming, but right now our focus was to improve upon the experience, rather than adding additional content. We've been hard at work on upcoming levels - so we have that to look forward to after Phase 2. 

Tuesday May 8th will begin Phase 2 of closed beta. All previous participants will once again be granted access to the game and we will add an additional 3k participants. This phase will close on May 15th. 

Beta registration will close on May 11th - At that time no further registrations will be accepted. We intend to let in all players before we reach early-access so don't miss your chance! If you have friends or are part of a community that would be interested, now is the time to let them know about Hot Lava.  

If you did not confirm your registration for Hot Lava Beta, please visit before May 11th. 

If you are not selected for this phase during Phase 2, don't worry. There will be more to come. 




When will I be able to play?
The first phase added 2,000 participants so that we could run our first stress test. Our second phase on May 8th will add an additional 3,000 players. We are adding players on a first come first served basis. If you haven't signed up, sign up now before registration closes on the 11th. 

How will I know if I was accepted?
Players who were accepted will be notified by email and the Beta Client will be automatically granted to their steam library. We will announce when additional testers are added.

Do we keep the game if we are accepted?
Players who participate in the beta will be automatically accepted in the following phases however being accepted into the beta will not include the final full version of the game after launch.

What are the chances I will get into the beta?
If you sign up now, your chances are pretty good. By the end of beta we plan to have at least one massive stress test where all applicants will have a chance to jump in. We are adding people first come first served, so don't wait. 

How long will beta last?
We hope that the beta period will only be about a month or two before we make the game publicly available on Steam. So far things are looking pretty good but we don't have a current estimate. 


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minespatch    81995

I didn't get my email, so I guess I'll be hoping for Phase 3. Excited to see what happened.

I wonder if Jouste knows who did the art for this one...

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Captain_Rage    1462

Do you need to verify your e-mail address after logging in with your Steam account in order to sign up for the beta?

The page says:


Global Action Team Terminal v1.2

# Form Submitted Successfully

> Validating... Info valid.
> Email message sent to ***.

> Candidate's email address verified /not verified.
>>> Action Required: Open link in email message

> Please check your inbox.

> Terminal Disconnected


Even after checking back after the night there was no verification e-mail sent. Previously I had no problems receiving any e-mails from Klei, be it newsletters or forum notifications or others. Now there is nothing new in the inbox, however.

Does this simply mean that you only receive an e-mail when you get enrolled into the beta? Or do you have to verify something in order to sign up?

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