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Cave inside a cave

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Iam playing on my phone Note8 and came across this strange bug. I was in ruins exploring and got killed by a combination of every possible creature. Being on my 150day I got angry and rage quit the game. After a couple days when I reentered the game i discovered that Iam stil alive: empty loadout, next to cave entrance. I quickly gathered some rss and went back into the caves on a mission to salvage my lost loot. But, when I try to enter ruins i instead I enter caves again, newly generated caves where my ruins entry is supposed to be. Thus cave inside a cave lol

When I enter cave from overworld I end up in my original cave but when I enter ruins i end up in my newly generated cave and when I try to leave the "ruins" I end up on the overworld. So I have a second cave instead of my ruins, and all my loot is back in the ruins I access to.

My day count is 3 when I open to "choose a slot" but when I load it up its 120days. This bug is so weird.

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