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What to carry to the next world

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Imyo    2

So after playing 200 or so days with wigfred in a RoG world i realized the world itself was kinda crap so i alreacy decided im going to travel to a new one with her, and i was looking or suggestions on what to carry over to the next world.

First a few questions:

1)Can chester go with me ?

2)Can i bring the krampus sack ? (it took me 100 or so days to farm that thing)

I know many ppl ll say i should bring non renewable recources with me, and i understand that, but for example, thelucite is kinda useless for me, i dont find it needed for anything besides the amulet that grants light and speed and i already crafted 5 just in case plus i have 10 or so crowns and armors i dont even use because the log armor and the wigfred unique helmet are enough for all the content. So im more focused on bringing quality of life things or build nice bases with fun stuff, thats why i want my snow chester and krampus sack with me, THOSE really handy and annoying to get.


Thanks in advance

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imsomony    427

No, Chester can't come with you. Neither can Glommer.

Yes, the Krampus Sack and everything inside it, and your inventory bar, will be brought through.

To make setting up a base easier, pre-build as much as possible: craft the items and right-click to cancel the action of placing them down. The materials will be used up, and the the crafting menu will highlight them in a different color, showing they're ready to be placed. Alchemy Engine, Shadow Manipulator, Ice Box, Flingomatic, Drying Rack, Crockpot, Chest, Lightning Rod, Farms (if you use them), etc etc.

It's been a long time since I world-jumped, but IIRC, I carried stacks of refined items that would be used in recipes later: cut stone, boards, rope, things like that. Many of the things you craft with them can't be stacked, so having the raw-but-refined materials makes it easier to start mass-creating them afterwards.

Definitely bring stacks of gems - sure, you can always get them in the new world, but it's much easier to already have them available if you're in abundance. Thulecite could be useful if you want to make an area full of Houndius Shootius - bring over your 3 Guardian Horns as well - or you can make walls out of them. You could bring over an Old Bell, maybe a light source like a Lantern, Moggles, or a Miner Hat. Gears are always useful as well, may as well bring some so you're not forced to hunt for them right away. If you're a fan of using fireflies to decorate your base, catch a ton and bring them over as well - they stack up to 40. 

Oh! And don't forget your Walking Cane(s) and Tam(s). When you go through the Teleportato, you can hold a Cane in your hand and wear a Tam. I like having three Canes available - one I use all the time, and two that I leave at Touchstones. It may be more worthwhile to just stack up your Walrus Tusks though, since that will occupy only one inventory spot instead of two or more.

Once you world-jump, your inventory will be crazy full - find a road or a wormhole, and drop a Chest and Lightning Rod nearby. Empty out some of your inventory into the Chest so you can explore more freely and find your ideal base location.

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Iambrn    0

green gems and and small ammount of thulecite metal is good to carry into world two. You can pre craft the turrets to allow deerclopse eyes to be easily expendable, replace tamo for deerclopse hat.

You can get 3 turrets per world so really everything else everything else just becomes expendable if its renewable.

If you don't switch characters you can keep your prototyped chests to immediately store anything you cant use at the beginning of a world (i like to put a science machine there so it can be easily located on the map).


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