So! I'm working on making (and constantly updating) the critter + morphs image sheet. [DEPRECATED] Now I've found some updated assets in the files, but I'm pretty sure they haven't been implemented into the game I'm kinda shooting in the dark with them. So it's as the title says, do you think I got them right? I'm pretty sure I've nailed the second Pacu morph, but I'm also pretty sure I've completely screwed up on the first Pacu morph. How do you think it's supposed to look? Edit: Never mind, I've got everything wrong.  I suppose I'll just make this a compilation thingy and ship it over to the art thread. EDIT [07/31/2019]: HERE IS THE MOST UP TO DATE VERSION WITH ALL OF THE CRITTERS. APPRECIATE MY HARD WORK BECAUSE THIS TOOK ME WAY TOO LONG TO DO.  If you want the wrangled sprites, it'll be $5. Also assemble it yourself, because I simply cannot find a way to put them all together in an aesthetically appealing way.