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Grass and Berry farms.

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Silvador    11

After waiting for the new update to arrive, I eagerly fired up an brand new map. One of the first things I saw was a rather peculiar clump of grass, a perfectly uniform 3x3 square. My initial response was curiosity. I wondered if it was an added feature or simply a glitch. I Soon discovered a small pig village with both grass and berry bushes growing in this manner.

Now, my question is, is there now some way in which we can actually plant groups of grass, berry bushes and twigs in a uniform manner, as opposed to the previous guessing, estimating and all around trial and error of planting nice rows?

I know this is more of an aesthetics thing and not vital to the actual gameplay, but I know other people have planted farms of twigs and grass in neat rows and am sure it would be appreciated if there was some method that allowed easier planting of uniform rows or squares of such.

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